"There are two types of claims: those based on hard numbers
and those based on slippery numbers." ― Simon Sinek

Interpretive Analytics

Survey research data are often highly complex, and quantitative survey analysis is one of the more sophisticated skill sets one can possess. While some believe that even a "monkey" can do surveys, successful execution requires expertise in sampling, survey design, and quantitative analysis. This extends to question construction, understanding sources of bias, choosing appropriate scale and response options, and the proper use of statistical tools. In particular, we are often interested in relationships between variables, hence knowledge of statistics and multivariate methods is also needed.

Our analysis work is typically linked to a full-service project. But clients often come to us with high quality data for which they have limited analytic resources. In these cases, we work with clients to develop a path forward, and then perform the functions that need to be conducted. We are well-positioned to assist you. We also provide services ranging from sample procurement to design, programming, data collection, analysis, and implications for marketing, operations, and management.

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