Company Revenue Potential Assessment System

Our Company Revenue Potential Assessment is designed for angels, investment bankers, and VCs who need to know the true value of a company beyond basic financial measures. Users of the Revenue Potential Assessment system have an inside edge as to whether the company is worth more, less, or the same as what standard financial measures would tell us.

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Who would use the company revenue potential assessment system?

Instead of relying on standard financial projections, or the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur or business owner, we go beyond the basics to truly understand the inner workings of the business and assess the true value of the enterprise by taking a customer-centric point of view. This helps angels, investment bankers, and VCs understand what they are buying and address their due diligence responsibilities for making smart investments.

What could you learn that is new or different from standard measures?

A company may be growing and look financially healthy, but growth could be “borrowed from the future” by excessive promotional activity, heavy discounting, using inferior raw materials, a high number of product returns, poor morale, or weakening customer loyalty. Conversely, a company’s financial performance could mask a positive story for the opposite reasons.

A customer-centric point of view creates a more complete picture of the enterprise.

Importantly, our Revenue Potential Approach (RPA) evaluates revenue potential in a systematic and independent manner:

  • We assess overall financial performance.
  • We examine trends & market forces (including economic and discretionary spending).
  • We profile relevant products, brands, and services that comprise the competitive set.
  • We look at external categories that may pose a possible future threat.
  • We conduct custom proprietary research to identify your unique selling proposition, and optimal positioning and communication points for your new business.
  • We estimate market penetration, volume, share and identify obstacles that could derail a launch.
  • We are available to work with you on an ongoing retainer basis to provide guidance and market intelligence for the business.

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