Cross-Border Market Potential System

Our Cross-Border Market Potential Assessment System (MPAS) is designed to help non-US companies who are contemplating entry into the US. Our talented professionals work hard to understand the legal/regulatory, IP, sales, and especially marketing challenges that face them.

The number of foreign companies wanting to establish a US presence has never been greater. And now, with the current administration making overtures to loosen barriers, that opportunity is poised to increase. This also extends in reverse – to US-based companies expanding into foreign countries, or to new regions within the domestic borders of the US.

Are you contemplating entry into the US with a new product or service?

The opportunities are enormous, yet the risks of failure remain high because companies entering the US do not adequately assess the challenges and risks of market entry. Some failures are self-inflicted due to inferior products or services. Others are a failure of culture and an unwillingness to adapt. Yet in our experience, much of this can be overcome with a sound initial assessment and good planning.

Have you assessed the risks and challenges you may face?

Markets in the US are complex and highly competitive. A new entrant needs to have a clear and compelling strategy and message to have a chance of success. Our MPAS approach analyzes underlying demographic and consumer trends, existing categories and products, and the potential for the product or service being contemplated. A key point of difference is that our assessment obtains objective and independent reactions from existing and prospective customers.

We use a top-down approach:

  • We examine trends & market forces (including economic and discretionary spending).
  • We profile relevant products, brands, and services that comprise the competitive set.
  • We look at external categories that may pose a possible future threat.
  • We conduct custom proprietary research to identify your unique selling proposition, and optimal positioning and communication points for your new business.
  • We estimate market penetration, volume, share and identify obstacles that could derail a launch.
  • We work closely with you to optimize your chances of success.
  • We work with you on an ongoing retainer basis to provide guidance and market intelligence.

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