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Excluding the Philippines, few other regions of the world have a greater population density than metropolitan New York City. It is here that one unique direct grocer has succeeded where many others have failed. And this company came back from a tremendous hit after Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. During that period, nearly 1/3 of the company’s delivery fleet was damaged beyond repair. But that didn’t stop them from fulfilling orders to people without power, water, or who were stranded.

This kind of dedication is rare, and it has created significant loyalty among customers of this storied grocer. Since 2010, Surveys & Forecasts, LLC has been privileged to be the sole research firm charged with gathering and reporting customer feedback, providing insights, conducting ad hoc analyses, and testing new product ideas on a regular basis.

One of the most important tools that we have created for this company is a dashboard using variables from their continuous customer satisfaction program. Each day, invitations are sent to households who have made a recent purchase. Once their feedback is obtained, transactional information is then merged. Historical benchmarks were established for a range of measures, including net promoter score-type measures, as well as measurements of everything from produce quality, brand selection, delivery packaging, quality of in-house brands, and navigation of the site itself.

While Manhattan is a focal point, this business runs on its ability to service specific neighborhoods at certain times of the day and night. As such, our ability to provide granular, customer-specific insights at the local neighborhood level gives this company the kind of actionable insight to take immediate action and correct situations that fall out-of-bounds.

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One area that has proven to be particularly useful has been the use of purchase drivers. Linking together transactional behavior with self-reported attitudinal data has unlocked a number of valuable insights that have been used to alter marketing communications, product offerings, delivery times, and even the configuration of the mobile app.

This particular company is a wonderful example of how multiple data streams coming into a firm are being used in combination to gain an overall view of business health. Survey research is extremely important but is one of many sources and variables that must be monitored by a company. When we are able to combine sources to present a cohesive picture, the power of survey data is even greater.

Interested in better understanding the needs of your customers? Let us craft a customer satisfaction and feedback program that takes into account the unique needs of your business and gives you the insights to drive rapid decision-making in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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