• Robert Walker

The Thirst for Freedom

Updated: Mar 2

If you have been paying attention to any news reports lately, you may begin to sense a common theme to many of the stories that deal with political unrest. Here in the US, our politics are horribly fractured. Setting aside the trivial issues, one party is focused on obstructionism and accumulating power (and its voter base); the other is focused on border security and national sovereignty. The latter is a result of horrible economies in horribly governed countries who have failed to provide an environment in which freedom can flourish, individuals can dream, and economies can succeed.

In Britain, voters have tired of faceless centralized bureaucracies dictating rules and regulations over which voters have no control. In Hong Kong, citizens are rioting in the streets because of the heavy hand of mother China constricting individual liberty and jamming Xi's ideological vision of global domination. In Russia, demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest the heavy-handed rule of Putin, who uses murder and intimidation to repress its population and stifle innovation and creativity. We do not hear about such protests in repressive regimes such as North Korea, though they no doubt occur and are quickly extinguished by the murderous dictators that control their populations. There are many other examples around the globe. The common elements are that all human beings seek liberty, the right to pursue economic self-interest, freedom of expression, and a desire to avoid the dead, crushing heavy hand of the state.

The notion of national sovereignty is viewed by intellectuals as a cute, antiquated concept in a world of global trade and political alliances. All global citizens have common needs and interests (e.g., essential physical, nutritional, financial, and emotional security). Intellectuals would be wise to pay attention to the fact that all peoples want have control over their destiny, their future, and their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The right to self-determination and self-reliance are central to all free people; globalists believe in global command and control, a core part of any dictatorship model.

The United States is frequently ridiculed by the rest of the globe for its reverence of liberty, the rule of law, individual rights, and the ability to challenge and question government. Yet how curious it is that the United States is the only country on the planet that stands between freedom, liberty, and self-determination and utter tyranny of murderous dictators and megalomaniacs around the world.

In the US, we rue the rise of the Internet for its anti-social and isolationist consequences, particularly among the vulnerable and impressionable, but it has also also ripped the curtain off of any pretense of calm that dictators and tyrants spew via propaganda in hiding their true intent. Upheaval in the United States will certainly continue; it is fundamental to our nature and our constitutional republic. Democracy tautologically demands that we face difficult issues and do our best to solve problems that help the largest number of people and, simultaneously, do the least damage to those who are most vulnerable and lack a voice. But it is a system infinitely greater and more powerful than any command and control political or economic system that exists anywhere else.

The latest news reports are the front wave of future, more significant unrest. Dictators are learning that, once people are exposed to a tiny taste of freedom, it is impossible to reverse course. China and Russia, in particular, are finding out that freedom, liberty, and the right to self-determination are the most powerful forces on earth. Our founders knew that instinctively.

Many have said that the United States is reaching a point when it will become ungovernable: this is nonsense. We are in a period in which the individual's rights seem to be trumping common sense, and those of the greater good. But pendulums always swing the other way. The road here in the US will always be bumpy, uneven, and non-linear. But political systems ruled by dictatorship, thuggery, and oppression are about to be brought down by the overwhelming need of their populations to be free. That revolution is now on their doorstep.


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