The New-York based Advertising Research Foundation ARF has released a glossary of commonly used marketing research and creative testing terms, aiming to ‘bridge the gap’ between creatives and researchers, and to help professionals keep up with the ever-changing language of marketing. Robert Walker, CEO of Surveys & Forecasts, LLC was the editor, personally reviewing over 1,000 submissions. The glossary is featured in recent editions of Forbes, Media Village, and MR Web.
The ARF released this resource for free on its website to those in the industry, students, and the general public who might be interested in learning more about these marketing and advertising terms. An example for “ad recall” can be found here.
The ARF uses industry-level research to help its 400 members enhance their marketing advertising initiatives. The ARF describes this effort as ‘the world’s first, definitive glossary’, which will provide standardized terms, and serve as an initial set of guidelines for the industry around often confusing terminology. After one such study, the ARF found a lack of trust and misalignment of terms often fuels the ‘creative-researcher disconnect’, resulting in miscommunication and wasted effort.
ARF Chief Research Officer Paul Donato told Forbes: “Methods of creative testing are changing very rapidly. We have recently published a survey among creatives and researchers. Creatives tend to want to use traditional methods of focus groups and ethnographies. Researchers tend to want to use biometrics, facial coding and neuroscience. The glossary attempts to bridge that gap.”
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